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September 18, 2007

A common vision for ICT coordinators?

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5 years ago when I took up my current post, as the schools ICT coordinator, I had a very clear, and detailed vision of where I wanted the school to be in 5 years time.  I am glad to say that in many ways my vision has been fulfilled.  It is however time for me to figure out where the school is going in the next 5 years.  While each school will have aspects of ICT vision which are determined by levels of hardware, software or server provision, local expertise or the terms of a local or regional service agreement with an ICT provider, there must be a core vision which is common to all sound and forward looking ICT managers!The question is, what is that core vision?  With IT changing as fast as it does, what are the new technologies that we will be able to take advantage of?  What will be the implications of Glow once it has been in place for a year or so?  To new exciting things will be able to do with mobile phones, MP3/4 players, GPS devices or games consoles?  To what extent will we be able to make assumptions about what technology pupils have access to at home?While these questions are worth asking (and I am interested in your answers), I suspect that the answers to them will affect the fringe of the future vision.  I suspect that the main core of the vision will be based on taking what is already available and squeezing as much educational benefit out of it as possible.  At the moment I am developing the possible vision for the following areas in the hope that the big picture emerges out of the individual pieces.

  • Hardware
  • Server Technology
  • Software
  • Staff
  • Pupils
  • The internet / Web2.0 ???

I know that some of the above overlap, but I recon that they are the key areas for my context. All that said, I do think that there is a common vision for ICT coordinators, and would welcome comments and thoughts particularly from any ICT coordinators out there in the ether. 



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