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September 27, 2008

Landlord Registration Scheme and web-trails

Working through a pile of paperwork that has built up over the last week or so (while I have been away on various training and CPD events including the Scottish Learning Festival and TeachMeet08) I found a renewal confirmation from a local authority managing their little bit of the landlord registration scheme.  The first house my wife and I bought, wasnt worth selling when we moved and there was someone who wanted to rent it from us…. so thats what we did.  The scheme makes the personal details (name and address) of people who rent one or more properties available over the interweb!  As one who is aware of my own web trail (an awareness that comes from trying to support young people to stay safe online) I was a little uncomfortable about this.  Just as well I read the small print – apparently the local authority has the right to withhold some or all of your details if they think that it will compromise oneones safety or the security of the property you own.  I have sent them an email, so will just wait to see if they accept my reasons.  On the web trail thought…. would be interested (if anyone has the time or will) to see what little nuggests you can dig up about me from my web trail.  Only rule is if I have revealed it on the blog then it doesnt count!  Gold star for the person who can find out the most obscure info.


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